How to build your personal website? Use WordPress and VPS step by step (1)

Long time ago, I particularly admire personal website owners who build WordPress by servers (such as VPS).Because I think coding on black screen very diffcult.Later, Later, I found that many things were very simple,not so hard like expectation.

For example, build a WordPress blog in VPS, do not need you good at programming, do not need you understand how operating system running, you should only type some command used to DIY. Because in the Internet age, a lot of things are ready, you can use google to make lots of thing easy.

This article will guide you install CentOS6 system and LAMP environment and then build WordPress blog in the VPS step by step.

  • Why WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.Wordpress not only easy to use, but also have lots of plugins, such as SEO optimization, static caching and data backup. You can click to learn more.

  • Why VPS?

VPS means Virtual private server, a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers. Just like buying a room on a building, you can do anything you want in this room. You can click to learn more.

  • Domain Registration

If you want to buy a domain and save money, you can choose NameSilo, you can click to own your domain, you can also use Promo Code: the1usd . before 2017/12/31, to reduce $1 at the first year,


  • Which VPS?

In consideration of the price (less than $5/mo), speed (ping value less than 250ms), and stability (online ratio more than 99.5%), you can choose Vultr、BandwagonHost and DigitalOcean. Because of BandwagonHost has a plan, I have paid $19.9 anaual. Click to buy . You can also use Promo Code: BWH1ZBPVK to cut 6%.







  • Setup CentOS6 x86

        Before you opera your VPS by PuTTY, you should setup OS on your VPS, I recommend CentOS6 x86. You can setup CentOS6 x86 on your VPS by click Client Area , Services-My Services , KiwiVM Control Panel, Install new OS.




After a moment, you will see some tips like this :

Remember your root password to access your VPS, I recommend you copy password to Clipboard. You can also find your IP and SSH port by click Main controls.

  • Use SSH to connect VPS

SSH means Secure Shell, a network protocol for secure data communication and remote command execution. We need a type of tool to connect VPS via SSH, I recommend you to use PuTTY, you can click here to download PuTTY.

After you download PuTTY, run PuTTY and type your VPS IP, port, click Open button, if some window shown, choose yes.

        Then, login as : root, press enter, then type or paste your password, you will find no character you type or paste displayed, don’t worry, this characters actually has been enterd. press enter again, you will see like this:

Pay attention, when you want to paste some characters in PuTTY, right click once, no additional opera.

After login successfully, I recommend you modify the root password first, because the initial password is too complicated to remember.

# passwd

Enter the new password, then press enter; enter your new password again and press enter again. Then the interface is displayed as follows, indicating that the password was modified successfully.

To prevent SSH login from being automatically disconnected after a period of time, change the following settings to keep SSH online for a long time:

# vi

Press Page Down key to find such code:

Followed by pressing i, backspace #, change 0 to 60,and

Followed by pressing:

Esc Key




Enter Key

to save your change,then

# service
sshd restart

To restart your SSH service. And type

# yum update

Upgrade the system to ensure that the latest software and kernel.























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