How to improve daily productivity? 5 tips to save you

You’re tanning on beach in Tahiti the odds are you’re pretty busy. For most of us the days disappear in a flash. Below I provide 5 tips to improve daily productivity.


1. Get your sleep.

I can’t stress this enough, the best way to have a productive day is to get sufficient sleep the night before. Bottom line. During the workweek, I make sure to get a minimum eight hours of sleep each night. It’s also important to wake up early. A lot of successful people start their day before 6AM. For most, it’s difficult to wake up early. One way to get into this habit is to ease into it. Each Day, try waking up 15 minutes earlier than the last.

I use Relax Melodies to help me fall asleep faster. Relax Melodies is a mobile application that allows you to select sounds and melodies that you like and combine them to create a mix. It puts me to sleep like a baby! Their app is available on iOS and Android.

2. Build your todo list(s).

As a Founder and CEO I am usually very busy. One of the most important tools for me is a properly constructed todo list. I use Wunderlist to help me complete important tasks. Wunderlist allows you to create lists, set reminders and collaborate with other colleagues/individuals. Wunderlist is available on iOS and Android.

How important are todo lists? Celeste Henkelmann, Marketing & Communications Manager at GSVlabs, a leading Silicon Valley Accelerator explains, “At GSVlabs, we have to manage the requests of our over 100 community members. With so many moving parts, I turn to my to-do lists to keep everything on track. Between Moxtra, my go-to communication and task manager, and my mega post-it wall, my lists allow me to step back and prioritize.”

This is another tip to improve daily productivity.

3. Focus.

As the old saying goes, “How do you eat an Elephant? One one bite at a time,” keep this in mind when creating your todo list. Pick a hard objective and break it down into easier tasks if you can. Another approach I take is to create a list with a couple of hard objectives mixed in with easy ones. In order to get things done you need to focus. Block out distractions that may sidetrack you and stop multitasking while working down your todo list. Soon you will find yourself completing your tasks more productively and with a feeling of satisfaction.

4. Use your Inbox Effectively.

Many people talk about managing their email inbox effectively (and getting it to “inbox zero”) as a way to become more productive. While this is true, there are other ways to leverage your email to become even more productive. I use Hexigo to help me keep track of my email decisions and collaborations with my colleagues. Hexigo helps to ensure my teams commitment to a course of action and it increases decision making. You can learn from past decisions and prevent corporate Amnesia. Take a look at their tool, it is compatible with Outlook and Gmail.

5. Take a break.

Ironic as it may seem, taking a break to focus on non-work related activity can actually increase your productivity. I try to take 30 minute (minimum) lunch break, and give myself at least another 30 minutes to play my favorite game, ping pong.

 Those are 5 tips to improve daily productivity. And this is some funny stuffs keep Google happy.

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