Alibaba’s Singles’ day Sales Exceeded $2,000,000,000 in One Hour

As China’s biggest online shopping day, singles’ day is very much expected for by both online retailers and consumers. It started from midnight and the total sales on Tmall exceeded 1 billion yuan in just three minutes.
  • 00:05 2 billion yuan
  • 00:14 5 billion yuan
  • 00:38 10 billion yuan, 45.5% of transactions were from mobile 

    At the same time last year, Tmall’s singles’ day sales were only half, 5 billion yuan; it took 5 hours and 49 minutes to reach this level of sales in 2013

  • 01:00 12.2 billion yuan (US$2 billion)
  • 01:23 14 billion yuan
  • 01:44 15 billion yuan
  • 07:17 20 billion yuan

In the first twenty minutes since this year’s singles’ day started from midnight, Chinese consumers purchased products from 168 countries with a total value of over US$1.1 billion.

The top 10 Tmall flagship stores by total transaction values as of 01:00 in the morning today:

  1. Xiaomi
  2. Uniqlo
  3. Jack & Jones
  4. Handu (men clothing)
  5. Huawei
  6. Peacebird (men clothing)
  7. Linshi Muye (furniture)
  8. GXG
  9. Haier
  10. Meizu

Xiaomi’s Tmall Flagship Store is most likely this year’s winner who total singles’ day sales exceeded 100 million yuan at 00:04:48, 200 million at 00:16:40, 300 million at 00:31:48, 400 million at 00:38:53, and 500 million at 1:15:44am

According to a survey conducted by AdMaster, 79% of Chinese netizens plan to shop online on Double 11 with an averag spend of RMB1,371 ($224.22) with a decrease of RMB229 compared to last year’s actual spending.

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