Reviews of Taobao and Tmall Sales Value on Double 11: 2009-2013

In 2009, the sales value on double eleven was RMB50 million ($8.17 million) and in 2013, the number was RMB35 billion ($5.72 billion). Double 11 has been affecting e-commerce industry since its born. Here are the numbers on double 11 from 2009 to 2013, which witness its growth in 5 years.

Review of Sales Value on Double 11: 2009-2013

Double 11 2013: RMB35 billion ($5.72 billion)

In 2013, within 10 minutes when 11 November began, total transaction value exceeded RMB1.5 billion; and within 38 minutes, the number increased to RMB5 billion. Total sales hit RMB10 billion within 6 hours.

As of the end of 11 November, total sales value was RMB35.018 billion. And, many online sellers broke the sales value record on Double 11. Xiaomi Tmall flagship store first broke RMB100 million record followed by Camel, Coocaa TV, Linshi Muye Furniture and Roley Textile.

The singles day competition in 2013 was fierce that it extended from online to offline. You can find out the best selling brands on Double 11 2013 here.

Review of Sales Value on Double 11: 2009-2013

2012: RMB19.1 billion

Tmall generated RMB13.2 billion and Taobao generated RMB5.9 billion on Double 11 2012. During 24 hours of Double 11, Jack & Jones, Camel and Quanyou Jiaju’s sales value each exceeded RMB100 million.


2011: RMB3.4billion

On Double 11 in 2011, Taobao Mall (Tmall’s original name) cooperated with Taobao to make promotion and totally generated RMB5.2 billion with 2,000 merchants. There were 497 merchants each of which with sales value over one million yuan, three over RMB40 million, 38 reached RMB10 million.

Total transaction value of Alipay on Taobao Mall exceeded over RMB3.36 billion.

2010: RMB900 million

On double 11 in 2010, sales value of Taobao Mall exceeded RMB936 million with an average transaction value of RMB20,000 generated per second. There were two online sellers’ who each sold over RMB20 million, 11 over 10 million yuan, 20 over 5 million yuan and 181 exceeded one million yuan.

The top 2 sellers by sales value were Beyond and JackJones’s Tmall flagship store; and both had sales value of over RMB20 million on Double 11 2010.

2009: RMB50 million

There were only 27 online brands participating in Singles day in 2009 and total sales value was RMB50 million. The single seller with highest sales value was JackJones (RMB5 million).

It is leaked on China internet that Tmall’s goal for transaction value on Singles day (11 Nov 2014) is expected to reach RMB50 billion ($8.16 billion) in 2014.

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